Incorporating artful design, Patty Doyle strives to create the most authentic and delectable confections, without the use of conventional techniques or machines.


It all began when, at age four, I spied a Susie homemaker oven in the local toy store. I would never have believed, even later, just how much time I would spend tinkering and creating in the kitchen, baking daily with my brand new plastic appliance of the late 60’s.

Inspired by a mother who delighted in making soap, wine, fondue, and clothing for her four children, this left me with complete freedom in unsupervised bliss to spend countless hours stirring hot syrups and concocting a wide range of dishes from the age of nine. For the next 40 years, I would come to love scouring the many cookbooks my mother gifted me and, even as a college athlete, would sneak away from my Physics textbook to peruse the latest Gourmet or Chocolatier magazine.

After years of private chef and catering work in my native Aspen, Colorado, I read a Ruth Reichl article on the best brands of chocolate, and the rest is history! At once, my customers clamored for something different in the realm of chocolates—what I would describe as one-of-a-kind rustic luxury, inspired by, and rooted in, European aesthetic.

I am both an artist and a food crafter, with the goal of creating the most delectable, organic confections available, all with no machines, but rather with the love that comes from hand-crafting. I know you will taste the difference!