Luxurious organic confections slow-crafted in Sonoma County
with the finest sustainably-sourced ingredients we can find and
utilizing traditional, time-tested methods of hand-making,
hand tempering, and hand-dipping.” Read more..

Our Creations

Mocha Hazelnut Truffles

Just one of the many creations that we handcraft uniquely for your event.

Your Wedding Day

Allow FARM Chocolate to create the perfect favor or dessert for your celebrants!

FARM Chocolates: Given with gratitude

A stylish “Thank you” gift for your employees or clients!

Whatever You Can Imagine!

Our custom creations beautifully complement your unique offering for your customers or clients

Rose and Violet Shards

A perfect complement to your festivities!

Unlimited Combinations

In Wine Country fashion, pair a select assortment of FARM Chocolates with wines, whiskeys or even beers.
We will do the matchmaking by creating the gems that best pair with each course.

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